Premium Bike Meets Stand Up Paddle Board.

Why Red Shark Bikes?

Red Shark Water Bikes are the ultimate sporting experience and the combination of the 2 most popular outdoor activities - where premium bike meets ultra-portable stand-up paddle board (SUP).

Red Shark Bike is a transformational 6-1 multi-use water toy: SUP board, kayak, bike, e-scooter (option), workout/yoga, fishing.

Red Shark USA is the Exclusive Importer and Distributor for Red Shark Bikes in the US.

Enjoy Bike Surf

The Red Shark Enjoy Bike Surf lets you feel immersed in nature as you bike across calm seas, oceans, bays, lakes, and rivers. Kids and adults alike love the Enjoy!

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Fitness Bike Surf

Intended for cyclists (pros and amateurs alike), the Red Shark Fitness Bike Surflets you train in the cool water while still working up a sweat. It's soft on joints, but fierce on water!

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Adventure Bike Surf

The Red Shark Adventure Bike Surf is designed for the avid outdoorsman who is looking for a new way to take a break on the lake, get to their favorite camping spots, and reel them in!

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Scooter Bike Surf

Take the work out of bike surfing! The Red Shark Scooter Surf is an effortless cruising experience to enjoy the blue freedom of water as you go with an electric-powered rudder motor and a push-button.

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Commercial Opportunities:

We also offer retail partner opportunities to Yacht Clubs and Marinas, Resorts, Outdoor Rental Companies, Eco-Touring, Companies, Yacht and Boat Charters, and Cruise Lines.

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