Is the Red Shark Bike for you? The answer is yes!

Red Shark Bike is an ultra-portable bike meets inflatable stand up paddle board with options to convert to kayak, e-scooter, bike and outdoor gym space. A variety of models and variations (6 in 1) appeals to families, fitness enthusiasts and professionals, anglers, and outdoor adventure lovers without putting stress on your wallet.

Red Shark bikes are easy to take with you on family gathering or a solo trip. With the total weight of less than 38 lbs, it packs down and takes up less room than a golf bag, making it one of the first you grab and the last thing you'll pack for the ride home.

Plus, the Red Shark bike is a great rehab opportunity for fitness professionals and cyclists. With intensity of trainings, Red Shark allows to if not eliminate, significantly lessen the impact on joints, back and limbs by being on water. So this is you ultimate water adventure toy, for kids and adults alike!